Are you First-Author?

Are You First-Author ?

Have you ever published a scientific paper as a first-author? If not, then you might not experience the responsibility and the hardship behind getting the tag of first-author.

If you ask someone about their research profile, the first question experienced researchers like to know how many first-author papers you have because there is a prevailing perception that the other co-authors have minimal contribution or may not have the contribution at all. It needs to be pondered with the thoroughness of mind, and then the perception of scientific society might be changed towards the co-authors and first-author.

To my experience, many researchers publish papers solely with their name only and corresponding authors. During their PhD, they hardly get more than 2-3 papers, while on the other hand, person publishing on the collaborative basis finishes their Ph.D. with number of publications and handsomely get the fellowships, position, recognition, and other accolades which set up their carrier very smoothly. While the solely publishing first author even struggle to find out a postdoc position and might end up in changing the track?

Thus, I would like to ask what type of first-author you are, or I think it could be rephrased as to what type of co-author you are……please freely put your views in the comment section…

Deepak Chauhan

  1. Константин says:

    лучше писать хоть и не особое хорошо,хорошее,но своё конечно,свои мысли,рассуждения.,представления…
    да,скорее передаю собой,то,что во мне живёт..)!

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