Plasmonic carbon nanohybrids for repetitive and highly localized photothermal cancer therapy

This is a orginal research article explaining the formation of a hybrid nanomaterials comprised of polymeric nanoparticles (PLGA: biodegradable polymer), and graphene oxide (2Dimensional carbon material).

This hybrid nanomaterials helps in the photothermal therapy for the multiple times. It has been experienced that small nanomaterials leak out from the tumor while in this nanohybrid, the graphene oxide help in the attachment of photothermal agent and doesn’t allow to leakout from the tumor.

Schematic showing the attachment of PLGA NPs on the graphene oxide. The NIR (near infrared light) irradiated on the gold deposited PLGA NPs.

This paper was published in Colloids and Surface Chemisty B. The first author of this article is Dr. Deepak S. Chauhan (email: dpk.iitb@gmail.co; twitter: @dpk_iitb).

Here is the theme

To address the recurrence of tumor, multiple times of phothermal therapy is required.

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