Layman’s Scientific Story

Science has been advancing quite rapidly with time. Scientific research and discoveries has reached far beyond the understanding capabilities of an average person or even to someone belonging to a different field of research. It has become very difficult to reiterate scientific output/findings by a general statesman or philosophical orator properly. Researchers across India and around the world have been working tirelessly to make new discoveries and expanding our knowledge in various fields, including knowledge of physical/biological processes, development of smart devices, understanding of our solar system, and beyond to environmental science etc. For an average person, science has become out of their reach, and the gapping bridge of scientific knowledge between the scientific community and the people has been widened.

  We aim to bring the scientific understandings and work to the people in a Layman’s language. This will not only help our scientists to display their stories and outputs but will also help people in understanding how our world works in reality. The audience will develop scientific temperament, which can be really helpful in countless ways, e.g., constructive adaptation with the advancement of technologies, to develop understanding about proper food, medicine, and better environment, farming, education, and many day to day works. With true scientific and critical thinking, people can be able to identify and avoid ill-information/beliefs, which are often presented to them as a science.

  We will present the stories of many researchers and their findings in an informative and Layman’s language on this site. Short video and audio clips, texts, and original article links will be uploaded on ‘www.firstauthorstory.com’ which will be freely available to any users.

Dr. Rajendra Saroj

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