Are you interested to join us as an Intern?

  1. Why to join an internship?

Internships are perfect opportunities that one could join before starting a research career while you are still in the college itself. It helps to guide you in the right direction and gives the understanding of what the life of a researcher feels like. It can expand your subjective knowledge and add wings to your thoughts. It will help to resolve your dilemma’s with respect to your career and bring clarity to your concepts. Moreover, it will serve as the perfect gateway that will nurture your innate budding researcher quality to prosper with immense knowledge and wisdom.

Perks of joining as an Intern with us

  1. You will get an opportunity to interact with some of the finest brains across the globe from different domains through this platform.
  2. You will get the insights regarding the multidisciplinary research work that is being carried out and also the research journey of First Authors.
  3. You will gain knowledge and become aware of the research facilities that are available globally.
  4. It will certainly help to improve your communication skills and strengthen your resume.
  5. You will have an edge over other candidates as it will signify your interest and contribution towards research field.
  6. It will boost your confidence and enhance your professional network.
  7. You will receive guidance on various opportunities that are available globally.
  8. You will gain valuable experience and acquainted with different career paths that are available in research field.

Nishant Jain

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