First-Author Story is a platform to read and listen the story of the hardworking first authors. It’s an initiative towards helping and motivating the junior researchers as well as sharing the layman summary which is understandable by all class of the society. It will help in spreading the scientific findings across the society, thus lead to more collaboration and technology translation.

It’s started by the students of IIT Bombay and alumni from all over the world. This First-Author Story program is hosted by the experts from the different domains and have potential to represent your story in a very interactive and productive way to a layman.

Today is a requirement of scientific findings to be very interactive for engaging the common people and connecting the dots of technology translation. It is the responsibility of scientific community to work towards it. Therefore, this platform represents the work of the first authors in a layman language and interactive way to be understood by maximum people.

Our team includes Deepak Chauhan, Rajendra Kumar, Amit Sharma, Rajendra Prasad and Nishant Jain and other prominent researchers from different fields.

To enjoy the science it should be enjoyed by the audience. Every year more than two million research papers published but only one percent of it is translated, why ??Because we are not entertaining them.

Deepak chauhan

Deepak is a FRQS & Transmedtech Excellence fellow in University of Montreal. He completed MSc- PhD dual degree in Biomedical Engineering from IIT Bombay with flying colors. He has authored several first author scientific papers and has lot of experience to share.

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Rajendra is a Research Fellow in Northwestern University. Rajendra completed his MSc-PhD dual degree in physics from IIT Bombay Mumbai India. He is pioneer in the field of condensed matter physics and has authored several scientific papers as first author.

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Nishant completed M Pharma in Pharmaceutics from NIPER, India. Currently He just completed PhD in Biomedical Engineering from IIT Bombay. He has authored several scientific papers and has great experience to tell us.

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Partha is a postdoctoral Fellow in University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. He is a very dedicated researcher and believe in doing the ground breaking research. He has published several high impact peer reviewed papers

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Ashmit is a recent engineering graduate. He has lot of aspiration to become a great scientist. Even, at his stage he has written several articles and has developed a prototype on centralized for tackling the COVID-19

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Editorial Team


*Biomedical Engineering


  • Shyam Mohan, PhD, IIT Bombay, India
  • Nitin Kuswaha, PhD, NIT Manipur, India
  • Shyam Kumar, PhD, IIT Bombay
  • Rajesh Goswami, PhD, IIT Bombay


Prabhuraj, PhD, IIT Bombay

College Interns


  • Jinal Mehta, StXavier’s College, Mumbai
  • Deeksha Poojari, DY Patil, Mumbai
  • Ashmit Verma, SATI, Vidisha
  • Kiran Bharti, SATI, Vidisha